Taking Lambs Out To Slaughter

While rabid little lambs claim to understand, they are better used for slaughter, or sacrifice to a greater understanding that escapes humanity. This is mostly because the underlying lattice of geometric time/space/reality of our perceived universe is rather complex, it is like trying to teach a dog algebra. But I will attempt to cut the thoughts of the lamb in equal parts, and walk between them to touch the very mask of the eternal mystery.

First things, first. Imagine a mobius strip.

This will do pig, this will do:

This is not the universe, we are just a spec on it:

Now here comes the first tricky part, a basic system design. Our universe is nothing but a subatomic action to a system above us. While our own subatomic actions are entire universes from Big Bang to Ultimate Implosion. Our own universe is destined to collapse upon itself one day, but we will not around to see it, though we have always been around to see it. How is that possible you say?

Here is a basic snip of the system design:

See, everything in the system above us, is infinitely big, because we are just one of an infinite amount of temporal building blocks that make up the reality above us, and below us, what they perceive as whole universes, to us, in our own relative reality, appear as nothing but subatomic actions.

With me? Good. Now let’s apply this to the mobius strip:

Now, as we know, or should, mobius strips go on forever is a self-completing loop. So taking to the ends, the system above, which we thought to be only infinitely bigger than us, on this strip, would also mean that it is also infinitely smaller. And the system below us, which we view as infinitely small, is also infinitely bigger than we are. There are also an infinite number of systems on this loop, which should make things even more interesting.

And besides being infinitely packed with systems, each system is infinitely dense. That means, even within our own position on the geometric time/space/reality scale, we share that position within systems with an infinite number of parallel universes sharing our won relative position to systems below and above us.


Reality and dimensions are really the same thing, depending on your relative point of view. In essence, our position on the mobius lattice of existence is infinitely dense with parallel dimensions based on event trees. Since the Big Bang or The Great Beginning of our dimensional string, there have been events. And each event has spurred the creation of yet another dimensional string. And all these infinite events have spurned infinite dimensions that makes our position on the mobius lattice infinitely dense.

For example, there is a new dimension, that has always existed, yet is now independent of ours, where you never read this. Like so:

Now, this is not human centric, though our species love to be. An independent dimension is created even when the wind decides to blow a different direction, an ant decides not to pick up a leaf or one distant moon in a galaxy far, far away a demoker has decided not flomax a yorkxzore. You get my drift.

So even in our position within the overlaying systems is infinitely complex, with an event tree that encompasses every possible action by every possible element within our own perceived universe. This is where free will and predestination comes into play.

It is predestination that you will have read this, but it is by your free will that you are. See, predestination is set because if you had not read this, then this dimensional string would not exist. But there are dimensions where you did not read this, but that was a different soul. See, your soul, which has free will, is how you navigate the event tree of our dimension.

Other souls are offered the same choices within the event tree, but they have chosen differently than you. It is how you choose, or choose not, to act that is your soul, a ship on sail on the high seas of hyper-reality. While all these events create sum of experience of all souls that creates predestination, but you only see reality along the course your soul plots. In other words, you do not, and cannot, experience all the ports of call contained in our position on the mobius lattice.

On grander scales, what we view as small reactions are mimiced in grand scales. Take hydrogen bonds for example. While we view those as actions between atoms, the system above us views our black holes as our hydrogen bonds relative to our position. Black holes are bonds that connect and group various dimensions together to create their “molecules.” So in essence, when we observe a hydrogen bond on our scale, to the system below us we are viewing their black holes.

It’s all about point of relativity. All things are connected. Even the smallest events can create effects in dimensions beside us, and to systems above and below us. When we split an atom for nuclear energy, we are harbringers of doom for one dimensional line below us. Let us hope that the system above us does not use our dimensional line for the same purpose.

In conclusion, we are just part of a mobius lattice of systems are both infinitely small and infinitely big, and each section of the lattice is infinitely dense with dimensions created by events. And it is your soul, Captain, My Captain, that free will of yours, that directs you across an amazing and mazing framework of reality that we call existence.

Thanks for reading, and not reading, depending on which dimension this finds you at.


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    • Tigana on November 12, 2007 at 9:06 pm


  1. Trying to figure out how to get back to my own dimension where Al Gore is President and the US is still respected in the world.

    • pico on November 12, 2007 at 10:34 pm

    he called time “the garden of forking paths”

    Unlike Newton and Schopenhauer, your ancestor did not believe in a uniform and absolute time; he believed in an infinite series of times, a growing, dizzying web of divergent, convergent, and parallel times. That fabric of times that approach one another, fork, are snipped off, or are simply unknown for centuries, contains all possibilities. In most of those times, we do not exist; in some, you exist but I do not; in others, I do and you do not; in others still, we both do. In this one, which the favouring hand of chance has dealt me, you have come to my home; in another, when you come through my garden you find me dead; in another, I say these same words, but I am an error, a ghost.’…

    “I leave to several futures (not to all) my garden of forking paths.”

    Quantum physicists (not all) are arguing that the data supports the idea of a multiverse, but I’d imagine the forking has to take place at that level, not the level of individual decision-making.  For example, you say:

    An independent dimension is created even when the wind decides to blow a different direction, an ant decides not to pick up a leaf or one distant moon in a galaxy far, far away a demoker has decided not flomax a yorkxzore.

    I’m not so Newtonian to think that if we have all the variables we can predict with assurance the outcome – but you’re giving a lot of power to the decision-making processes of animate (and inanimate) beings.  Is that really how it works, or are decisions predetermined by a dizzyingly complex web of phenomena?  Unpredictability occurs at the subatomic level, but does it really occur at the atomic level?  Do we choose our forks, or are we propelled towards them by subatomic variables?

    (I know this is digressing into a discussion of free will, but you see how it’s related: if there is no free will, how do we explain the forks?  For the record, I don’t and do believe in free will: I think our choices are all predetermined, but that the mechanism is so complex and impossible for us to consider that we act as if we do have free will: we have no choice!)

    • snud on November 13, 2007 at 12:26 am

    Must… respond… with… levity. (My apologies… great essay, Pinche)

    A neutron walks into a bar. “I’d like a beer” he says.

    The bartender promptly serves up a beer.

    “How much will that be?” asks the neutron.

    “For you?” replies the bartender, “no charge”

    Two atoms were walking down the street. One turns to the other and says,

    “Oh, no! I think I’m an ion!”

    The other responds, “Are you sure?!?”

    “Yes, I’m positive!”

    Q: What is uttered by a sick duck?

    A: Quark!

    Q: What is a quantum particle?

    A: The dreams that stuff is made of!

    Q: What do you get when you cross a snake with a Physicist?

    A: A Bohr Constrictor.

    Q: Does light have mass?

    A: Of course not.  It’s not even Catholic!!!

    An engineer friend of mine told me of a  group of scientists that were nominated for a Nobel prize. Using dental tools, they were able to sort out the smallest particles that mankind has yet  discovered. The group became known as ” the Graders of the Flossed Quark.”

    A physicist ate a meal of pasta and antipasti and  exploded.

    Atomic cows tend to muon.

    According to the theory of Relativity, if an object moves at a velocity approaching the speed of light, its length will be contracted such that the object becomes smaller and smaller. … So that’s why the faster I come, the quicker I shrink.

    (This one’s for Buhdy): Question: What did the monk say when he got shocked? Answer: “Ohmmmmm…”

  2. via videosift.com

    1. There is a dimensional string out there where a young Al Gore roomed with a young Karl Rove instead of Tommy Lee Jones. And in a secret pact when Gore became president a hell was unleashed on earth that makes their dimension scream out for a humble George W. Bush, who at early age had decided to give hislife to public serve, starting with the Peace Corp,instead of a life of privelge and decadence. In their dimension, Bush was the savior who had the election of 2000 stolen from him.

      The grass is always green on the other side of the dimensional line, just navigate your soul to patch of grass most suited to you, not barred by fences of existence.

  3. I think we give ourselves WAY to much credit as the centers of the ‘decision tree.’ So much of our action IS predetermined, just by the very limited choices we are presented with. But we are a factor, even if just a tiny one in the grand scheme of things.

    In a way, the only free will we have is to resist the will of the whole.

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