Let’s think about strategy for a moment.

Think about it. The Democratic Party now sits at Point “A”, second fiddle. The Party is hopeful that it can move to Point “B”, the Conductor, head of the orchestra. What might the strategy be that would accomplish that goal.

If you will allow me to use a ship and its crew resting at its home port, Point A with an agenda to get underway and move to Point B as an analogy, then I will proceed…. Thanks, I proceed.

The mission is defined: Move the ship from “A” to “B”. The crew is on board, trained, expectant and with the incentive to get underway. So what should the ship captain’s strategy be?

    The logical approach would be to plot a straight line between the two points, lock-on to the prescribed coarse, kick up the knots chock to the appropriate notch and sail away to the destination port.

    But wait, you say, it is wartime. Maybe the Captain will need to stay aware of potential foes in the air, on or under the water; take evasive action at times; and defend the ship, its crew and passengers from attack as necessary …a likely scenario.

    OK, so we can’t sail freely to our destination, Point B. So here is the strategy as seems fitting to many of the contributors to this site.

      • First, let’s issue a personal sidearm to each member of the crew and to each passenger. Ensure that each has plenty of ammunition …preferably of the highest lethality manufactured.
      • Second, we must align everyone with weapons into an offensive circle about the ship’s decks. Of course, with the current methods as frequently espoused in this medium, the people in the circle would be facing inward.
      • Third, on any ripple of danger, the Captain gives the Ready, Aim, Fire command over the ships annunciation system. We, without thinking very clearly, pull the trigger thinking that in doing so, we slaughter the enemy …remember what Pogo said about meeting the enemy….
      • Now that the crew and passengers have fired their weapons, those of us who remain, the ambulatory and non-ambulatory survivors are left to get the ship to port. By the way, our ill advised circular firing squad eliminated many of our fellow passengers, friends and essential crew members. The action has reduced our chances of making a successful voyage, even had we been at peace time with open seas. Remember, the enemy continues to lurk in our pathway to “B”.

Many think the Republicans are beat, no matter what. I would suggest that the Republicans continue to have enough of a fleet on, above and under the water to allow them to successfully take on a ship with a decimated crew, demoralized and wounded passengers.

So what will your strategy be? Will it be to join-in the circular firing squad, kill off anyone who deviates [even in the slightest] from your point of view. Or, will your strategy be to coalesce around a set of fundamental principles and values to move America’s current majority into the White House, into a majority of the Governorships and to sizable majorities in the Congress and State Legislatures?

The strategy should be to work the issues and not to engage in personal attacks. Can we handle this strategy? So far, it seems that we cannot.


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  1. and we need to start somewhere. There is also something to be said for your first strategy if one sees an anology for arms and amunition in words.

    I see  nothing wrong with peppering the nay-sayers and the “can’t be dones” with words of encouragement even if done in a firing line like circle.

    I have been thinking a lot about this over the last two days along with when to cross-post and when not to. I am glad that the diaries we are writing here about forming a community around goals, a positive and affirming community and not killing off dissenting views have  not been cross posted.

    We are creating something very special here and in its early stages I think its best not to invite in those that would encourage failure at such an early juncture.

    I haven’t had any coffee today so forgive me for expressing 3 very different thoughts in one comment.

  2. so I am going to down a couple of cups of joe and come back to the subject of strategy

  3. the Achilles heel of the left.

    We need to ‘not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.’

    See my latest piece, we need to figure out how to be ENOUGH of a team to get things done….but without giving up the individuality we all value so highly, and which is a huge part of our strength.

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