Hardball: Useless Over-Hyping

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What a wanker Tweety is.


Yes, they will use their special Conventional Wisdom Super Powers to tell us who, Who, WHO! is most likely to win the Democratic and Republican nominations.

It’s sooo complicated.  Not just the polls, but also the money and the organization, and the fluid primary schedule.

Far too complicated for your simple outside the Beltway minds to understand.

So you must tune in.  How else will you know what to think without Timmeh and I to tell you what to think?




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  1. Who?

    Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

  2. for tweety’s head to explode in the middle of one of his blah, blah, rants.

    Dare I even admit I am not a regular viewer? Will mysterious thugs bang on my door in the middle of the night now that I have? Why do I keep staring at that frog?

    • on November 5, 2007 at 23:39

    The Great Wizard of Oz is about to speak. How lucky for you.

  3. When did MSNBC start doing pr0n?

  4. …an affront to wankers everywhere.

  5. I see him if I’m waiting for Keith to come on, that’s it. I keep waiting for little balls of froth to form at the edges of his mouth. What have his ratings been lately, btw?

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  6. Listen to Comedians?

    via videosift.com

  7. and the net effect it has on me when im forced to sit through it (her eggplant parm is THAT good) is that i leave feeling overwhelmingly sympathetic towards the clintons.  his hatred for them emanates from him through the screen.  and i find him patently unfair or willfully ignorant in his analysis…always spinning hillary in the worst possible light, and not even intelligently.

    we dont watch him at home…

    • Twank on November 6, 2007 at 00:50

    I think I hear a wee bit of sarcasm in this essay.  What do YOU think?

  8. loserSorry, you lose.

    Wednesday another full hour of how she could be a loser just like you.

  9. And critics in turn are like chickens that cluck when others lay an egg. There are complicated and boring economic reasons why critics, and pundits, are part of the contemporary entertainment industry. On the upside, their political influence is negligible. 

    • TheRef on November 6, 2007 at 01:55

    in EST land, Matthews comes on at the dinner hour. A leisurely dinner, a glass of wine and it’s time for Olberman.

    Obviously, GE has more outlet channels than they have personalities and content. I think they be doomed! It appears that they know it as well and have decided to go ahead and commit hari-kari or hara-kiri if you prefer.

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