Can I Get An “Amen!”?

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This speaks to me, and for me.

These guys are Sudanese. They won’t have the British embassy clucking with modulated concern over their fate. The Western press will lose interest in their own fates as soon as, oh – that already happened. They’ll keep doing what they’ve been doing – peacefully opposing tyranny; trying to save a few individuals from it – until they’re jailed or killed or they finally lose hope, or (let’s tell them a happy story to keep them going) Sudan actually turns itself into a better country.


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  1. …who claim to be concerned for the world’s downtrodden, not do more for men and women such as these?  How can we start doing more?

  2. That’s it  

    One more time you hijack a diary with this shit and you are banned.  

    What blind selfishness you are displaying on this pointless little mission you are on. You don’t care about other people at all, just your holy crusade. If you are looking to get banned I will HAPPILY accommodate you at this point.

  3. he was about to be drafted into the Sudanese armed forces when he left his country.  He’s Muslim–a religious issue wasn’t his problem.

    His problem was that he very seriously objected to being part of a military that was used to oppress his fellow countrymen.  He got out of the country, was authorized politcal refugee status by the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees and protected in Egypt, then resettled in De Moines IA.

    He went through every hoop necessary, studied and tested for citizenship. He was notified that he had passed every test, and would be notified when his swearing-in would take place.  Then . . . nothing.

    At some point, after he had made a number of inquiries, he was told that the FBI was “clearing his name.”  His name is Muslim.  Evidently this is not a coincidence, because there were sufficent others in the same situation to file a class action lawsuit against the BIS.

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