We Are Only Being Shown What is There

Many people are expressing frustration and even outrage at what appears to be a complete collapse of our system. Everything from the erosion of all governmental checks and balances, to our mainstream media giving a free pass to our wayward administration, to a failed leadership are being paraded before us. Most believe that these conditions are new phenomenon but I believe that we are just seeing now what has been in existence for centuries.

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Any system or relationship can only be truly evaluated in times of stress and trauma. The honeymoon periods, the good times can be handled by even the most flawed system or people. A flood wall made out of paper works great until the flood comes. The flood has come and our paper flood wall is giving way on all sides. Here are a few examples.

The first wave of water was the 911 bombings. What this event exposed was our faulty belief that we could control or prevent attacks on our homeland. It was more or less believed by most Americans that if you had the best army, most advanced technology and strongest economy you were invincible. This event shattered that illusion which gave way to a variety of disturbing reactions that are now destroying our country.

We have an administration that is riddled with personality disorders and as a result of their collective illness they have flaws including incompetence, magical thinking, bullying to name just a few.  These negative tendencies have caused a number of reactions including a majority of the American people losing faith in our government. A number of us are in complete disbelief at the incompetence of our administration and we want accountability and change.

All of this is the flood. What this flood has exposed is that our flood wall, our democracy is not really a democracy. The will of the people is not as important as we have been lead to believe. We have been told that our opinions matter that we are a government for the people and by the people but that has been show to be a lie. The Bush administration is not the problem. They have exposed this flaw, this incongruity in our system that we claim to be a democracy but there is another power behind the throne and it is not the people.

The Iraq War is another part of the flood. This flood was sold to us by lies and now the American people want out. The people put the opposition party, the democrats into power to end this war. They have not. This part of our flood wall, our two party system is being shown for the illusion that it is. We see that both the democrats and the republicans serve their cooperate masters first and foremost. In fact the Democrats and the Republicans have more loyalty to each other then they have to their constituents. We have basically a one party system that takes turns ruling the country.

There are many aspect of this flood of truth, the rise of the internet and people powered communication, economic and energy crisis, national debt, health care, pollution and just an overall clarity of consciousness which all have exposed a flawed and crumbling system.  Most of us have had the experience where we think we know someone; we think this person is a good person but eventually a situation arises that exposes a malevolent side to this person that has been lurking underneath. This often happens with systems as well, our families for example which we idealized in our youth but later we grow to see our parents and siblings as human beings often in a dysfunctional or even toxic system. Anger, outrage and disbelief are there at first but those reactions do little to fix the problem.

What we are being shown today is the effect of a society that places money and power above all else. The ship is taking on water and we appear to be sinking. Money and power are being saved and human life, integrity, love, loyalty, the constitution and everything else are being left to drown so that power and money can survive. This is our system and it is only now coming clearly into view.

Our government was a breakthrough originally but it was just one small step on our evolutionary path. Our sort of democracy is at least better then a tyrannical monarchy or a malevolent theocracy but we still have a long way to go. We are getting a view of the dark side of our system. It is not very palatable but our aversion will be the catalyst for change and further evolution


    • RiaD on October 26, 2007 at 02:03

    to have these blinders taken off. maybe i was just too busy trying to feed & raise my kids, run a sm business …it seems like this has all happened overnight…but i know you must be right…its been happening for a long, long time…i think Carter saw what was coming, he did try to move us toward alt fuels, put solar on the white house…nixon, reagan, the bush bastids have done nothing but harm this country
    where do we go from here?

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