Telecom Immunity

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Bush pushes for telecom immunity
By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer
21 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – President Bush said Wednesday that he will not sign a new eavesdropping bill if it does not grant retroactive immunity to U.S. telecommunications companies that helped conduct electronic surveillance without court orders.

A proposed bill unveiled by Democrats on Tuesday does not include such a provision. Bush, appearing on the South Lawn as that measure was taken up in two House committees, said the measure is unacceptable for that and other reasons.

A top Democratic leader opened the door on Tuesday to allowing an immunity provision. But House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the Bush administration must first detail what the companies did. About 40 pending lawsuits name telecommunications companies for alleged violations of wiretapping laws.

Bush detailed criteria that the bill must meet before he would sign it, including the immunity provision and the broad requirement that it “ensure that protections intended for the American people are not extended to terrorists overseas who are plotting to harm us.”

So could it be any plainer?

These treasonous incompetents who think it’s just hunky dory to disclose sources and methods to their pets in the sycophantic Beltway media (especially their house organ- Der Stürmer) are less interested in security than in trading away our liberty in return for covering their own asses and those of their corporate overlords.

And Steny Hoyer is quite willing to roll over and be butt fucked again.

These Beltway Bozos have to go.  All of them.  This is not what our Founders bled and died for, to lick the boots of an arrogant aristocracy of pundits, lobbyists, and sell outs.

Up against the wall motherfuckers.

Update- Here’s a link to a much better dK diary-

House Judiciary Rejects Telecom Immunity by FWIW


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  1. I’ll take my lumps.

  2. Hoyer has assumed the position permanently.

    No rolling over required.

    Next week he is installing a coin slot.

    • pfiore8 on October 10, 2007 at 19:43

    the Founders left ways for us to fight back

    seems to me we aren’t using them

    constitutional conventions, separation of church and state, power and separateness of state and federal, peaceful assembly, …

    not to mention we should escrow our tax dollars or do a mass file extension, stop shopping on Fridays, only buy gas from one or two providers, stop using credit cards, myriad ways

    and all from the relative comfort of my armchair…

    we can muck up the works… we don’t need everybody, we just need to start with some of us

  3. run amok.

    Amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok.

    Examples everywhere, absolutely everywhere, you look.

    • Balzac on October 10, 2007 at 20:12

    The time for IMPEACHMENT is almost at hand!

    • pico on October 10, 2007 at 20:18

    his audacity.  There’s no reason the Democrats have to give him an eavesdropping bill at all, and here he is demanding even more.  And he’ll probably get it.  We haven’t shown him any reason why he shouldn’t demand more, after all.

    • Edger on October 10, 2007 at 20:28

    Before the whole country smartens up?

    • oculus on October 10, 2007 at 21:39

    House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland defended the main Democratic proposal, saying that it would provide tools that the national intelligence director said are needed to protect the country.

    Hoyer added that the top GOP priority, granting legal protection to companies that assist with national security programs, “is not a matter that is off the table.”

    Where, oh where, have we heard that last line before?

  4. by sending up another bill. Let’s let it die a quiet death, shall we?

  5. this immunity has anything to do with protecting the telecoms. The immunity is to protect Bush! By granting immunity to the telecoms, Bush protects the telecoms from disclosing just how blatantly he broke the law. Having telecoms disclosing every detail will likely have the public arming themselves with torches and pitchforks and Bush just can’t have that. They really don’t give a damn about the surveilance authority, they’ve already demonstrated that they will break any and every law they don’t like. The only thing they really want from this bill is to silence the telecoms from disclosing everything!

    And if our spineless Democrats cave in to this request… It really is time to oil up the torches and sharpen the pithforks!!

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