New revelations on the Israeli bombing of Syria

The indispensable Laura Rozen quotes Intelligence Online, which says the targets were Korean SCUD missile parts: 

In attacking Dair el Zor in Syria on Sept. 6, the Israeli air force wasn’t targeting a nuclear site but rather one of the main arms depots in the country.

  Dair el Zor houses a huge underground base where the Syrian army stores the long and medium-range missiles it mostly buys from Iran and North Korea. The attack by the Israeli air force coincided with the arrival of a stock of parts for Syria’s 200 Scud B and 60 Scud C weapons.

  The parts were shipped from North Korea aboard a container ship flying the Panamanian flag. The U.S. Navy wanted to board the ship in Morocco’s territorial waters but Rabat vetoed the operation. The parts were loaded aboard six trucks in the Syrian port of Tartus on Sept. 3 and took three days to reach Dair el Zor. The trucks and their loads were destroyed the moment they arrived at the underground base. A unit of military police that escorted the convoy was also wiped out in the attack.

The really interesting part is below the fold:

These reports also suggest that Hamas and Hezbollah may have temporarily prevented a resurgence of hostilities in Southern Lebanon by putting the cabash on a Syrian plans for a retaliatory attack.

Damascus immediately appealed to several Palestinian groups with strong ties to Syria to retaliate. But Hamas, whose strategy chief Khaled Meshal lives in exile in Syria, refused to act. That was also the case of Hezbollah, which sent its political adviser, Hussein Khalil, to Damascus to signify the movement’s reluctance to strike back at Israel.

Looks like both Hezbollah and Hamas may not be so keen on going another round as proxy punching bags in Syria’s hot/cold war with Israel, a war that Hezbollah believes Israel is hungry to put back on the high burner.

Khalil, who met with the head of Syrian military intelligence, gen. Assef Chawkat, as well as the official in charge of Lebanese affairs in the president’s office, gen. Mohamed Nassif, claimed that Israel would launch a new invasion of southern Lebanon if Hezbollah began firing at Israeli targets.


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  1. gets curiouser and curiouser.

  2. But how much of this reporting is the grinder turning the crank on the street organ? Making the little media pundit monkeys and the baboons in Congress dance around saying Syria is dangerous. Bomb them! Iran is dangerous. Bomb them too!

    The problem is a lack of credibility. We cannot trust the governments of Syria, Iran, Israel, or the United States to be honest brokers of information about what is happening in the Middle East. Where’s the evidence?

  3. It’s one damn thing after another. It will continue to be this way until the people of this country and the world say enough. They can’t all be threats and enemies enough bombing and killing. Are people just afraid or just greedy for oil and power? Both sides premote this shit! National Interests are now the wholesale killing of anyone who has something we want or our proxies.

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