Live Blog- The California Fires

(for those who need it, let’s keep this up top, for a while. please read any new fp essays, below it. – promoted by Turkana)

For any southern Californians, or friends or loved ones of southern Californians, who need a place to talk, commiserate, or check in, please use this as an open thread. Our thoughts are with all of you.


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    • Turkana on October 23, 2007 at 07:32

    and the hills above it seem to have some problems. i also have many friends in southern california, but none live near the current fire zones.

  1. in Southern California. Every year the Santa Annas made people and fires go wild and crazy. This looks horrific, and sadly it is destroying some of the most beautiful parts of California. The canyons and mountains behind the coast are my favorite parts of So. Cal. I feel so bad for the land and the people.


  2. when I went down to pick my daughter up from Oceanside…here’s the latest on that community, which is just on the eastern boundary of Camp Pendleton, between I-5 and I-15, north of SR 76…

    excerpted from blog comments just posted on the following article: Fire crews determined to make stand in Fallbrook

    ” I just got back from a drive through part of east Fallbrook – with a police escort. It is surreal. Mission Road from the freeway to past Meagan’s bluff is on fire on both sides. Live Oak is burning from Mission to at least Gum Tree. On Yucca Road, at least 4 homes on the east side of the street are gone, with grass fires going all over. The homes in danger all have eastern exposure. The CDF station and new nursery on Mission east of Ranger are completely engulfed at the hilltops with 20-30 foot flames. North of Mission road is now burning toward DeLuz. Ranger Road is completely charred – we could only go about a half mile south from Mission on Ranger, and it looked horrible. The homes between the Nursery/Ranger and Yucca are all in danger. Pretty much it will just depend on how the wind turns. Also – coming back to Temecula you can see the glow of new fire on the western side of the hills toward DeLuz… Do NOT take Deluz to try and get to Fallbrook. We all need to turn to God and pray for all who call Fallbrook home. “

  3. I noted that asimbagirl, who lives in Oceanside, very near an area where the Ridge (?) fire is apparently burning toward, has evacuated with her family to Temecula.

    Here’s hoping all is safe for all of our community down there. If oculus is reading, hope all is well with you and yours…

    That was a lovely night and a good break for me last spring, and a great chance to meet some wonderful California Kossacks.

  4. why don’t you FP this? Are you still there?

    In the happenstance there are others out there looking for info, since dk is still down.

    My daughter’s trying to track how Carlsbad and Oceanside are doing, so I’m scanning forums and such and can post off and on.

  5. …you’re just using the fact that California is burning to keep my bizzare 1400 word post off the top of the front page, even at 5 am.


  6. that are tracking the fires…at least in the area north of San Diego and up to Irvine.

    Fallbrook Fire

    Santiago Fire – mandatory evacuation Modjeska Canyon

    Mount San Miguel on fire – 1:45 AM PDT, October 23

  7. CAL FIRE Incident Website

    Not terribly up to date, but it does have phone numbers that one can call for information on each fire.

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