I’m Done

I just read a comment in Buhdy’s diary from my good friend CD.

I’m done…

I’m done with the meta.

I will post on it no more.

I will refrain from getting sucked in to the meta if at all humanly possible.

I will not post any more on the workings / goings on / antics of pff, MLW, or any other blog except maybe dKos.

I will only post on dKos if it has direct relevance to what we are doing here. But that relevance will (and better be) damned direct. And relevant.

When posting here, I will focus any blogging related topics on this site and this site alone.

If I do post on blogging related topics, they will be in the spirit of positive change and our potential to expand our influence. It will be in the spirit of building our community.

I will not post gossip about any other bloggers.

I will not play these games any longer.

I’m done.

From this moment on.

I make this pledge for the next 12 months at least. I make this pledge realizing this is the equivalent of 12 years in blogging time.

Anyone with me?


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  1. If I hold to the pledge, will you stick around?

    As my daughter says – pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?

    Regardless, the pledge stands.

    I’m done…

    • nocatz on October 8, 2007 at 23:29

    to the blogosphere if a lot of people sign on not to do meta?

  2. That is so 5 minutes ago.

  3. You love meta.

    You know you love meta.

    Why deprive yourself?

    I say, indulge.  Roll around in the meta… drink deeply… satiate yourself completely.

    Mmmmmm… metalicious.

  4. I shall no longer meta on the FP……at least for a while.

    I think we have navel gazed enough it is time to start working on building stuff and let the meta chips fall where they may.

    Of course….I am probably lying. But I will at least take a New Years resolution kinda stab at it!

  5. just work it out Stranger

    you can’t do this… i need to know you’re going to be you and not some version of you

    you can’t go and get under our skin and bam… just turn into somebody else

    and i don’t even know what the hell happened

  6. That’s a shame.  You have a good eye.

    Perhaps after a rest.

  7. keep posting here, and i wish we could ALL stop the meta! thanks!

  8. of my meaning.

    I’m done with the meta.

    No more posting about other blogs, bloggers, etc.

    There are many other things I want to write about. I will write about these things. I have plenty to say.


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