Gitmo Can’t Hold All Of Us

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has a strange “morale” booster. What’s next? Teaming up with Blackwater for a competition to see which government entity can kill the most of us?…

You don’t have to be a criminal anymore in order to see the inside of the Los Angeles County jail. Just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and run into the right “motivated” deputy and….

Ain’t “Bush World” a grand place? Someday, we’ll all sit around Gitmo (those of us who live through the “arrest” process) and reminisce about the “good-old-days” of civil liberties and freedom. You know, the days when “they” needed a REASON to arrest you (other than to boost morale). You know, the days before tasers and American mercenaries who operated as a shadow “enforcement and punishment” arms of the Executive Branch.

Every day that passes we learn more and more about how out of control our government has become. Yesterday it was announced (through a government leak) that the torture authorized by Gonzales and Bush and Cheney was much worse than previously exposed.

I hope “they” allow the ’08 elections to become a reality. I hope “they” don’t declare martial law and “postpone” our democracy. I hope we can survive this administration’s evil.

Maybe there is hope that our law enforcement officers can once again “Protect and Serve” instead of “Imprison and Punish” the citizens. It’s time for “We The People” to scream louder and louder into the hurricane of fascism that is this administration.


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  1. there’s something wrong with your link above. 

    “Page not found”

    • nocatz on October 4, 2007 at 20:14

    Joe Arpaio in PHX. is kicking himself.
    “Damn, why didn’t I think of that!”

  2. ….and Serve?

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