Carl Levin Causes Suicide!

Having recently myself been accused of being a murderer because my intemperate remarks while blogging might so offend some sensitive soul as to cause them to commit suicide, I can hardly understand how Carl Levin can look at himself in the mirror any more.

His insensitive inquiries into why the U.S. Air Force’s No. 2 acquisition official was accepting monthly $13,400 checks from a defense contractor for, in the official’s own words-

“I really didn’t do anything for CRI, I got a paycheck from them.”

Have apparently caused that poor sensitive soul’s suicide.

Senior Air Force purchasing official found dead
By Andrea Shalal-Esa, Reuters
57 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Air Force’s No. 2 acquisition official, facing scrutiny for a temporary job arranged by the service while he awaited Senate confirmation, was found dead at his home in an apparent suicide, according to an internal Air Force memo obtained by Reuters on Monday.

More below the fold.

Commonwealth Research Institute has close ties to the Pentagon and has received hundreds of millions of dollars in military grants and contracts in recent years, according to the October 1 Post report.

At the time, the Air Force downplayed the report, saying the temporary job was a common arrangement to help the service under an existing contract. A spokeswoman also said Riechers had been quoted out of context.

But Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, criticized the deal and asked the Air Force to explain the arrangement.

New questions arose on Friday about Commonwealth Research Institute when Pemco Aviation Group amended its protest of a $1.2 billion contract awarded to Boeing Co for maintenance of a fleet of 450 KC-135 aerial refueling tankers.

Pemco raised questions about a possible conflict of interest in the award because of ties between Commonwealth Research Institute, its parent Concurrent Technologies, and Boeing.

How dare he!

How dare that dastardly Carl Levin question the integrity of one of our brave boys in blue!  He does not support the troops!  He is UnAmerican!  A Traitor!

A Murdering Coward hiding behind the Constitution simply to obstruct our glorious victory against the unwashed Muslim hordes threatening to make us wash our feet before praying and wrap our womenfolk in burquas rather than keeping them barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen where they belong.

The damage to our troops has already begun!

“Whatever the reason for the suicide, this is going to contribute to a widespread perception that something is not right about the Air Force acquisition system,” said Loren Thompson at the Virginia-based Lexington Institute.

“Riechers was under some suspicion because of an expose in the press, but it certainly didn’t rise to the level of a serious scandal, so his apparent suicide is hard to explain,” Thompson added.

Riechers’ predecessor, Darleen Druyun, served nine months in jail in 2005 for violating federal conflict of interest laws by taking a job with Boeing while still overseeing billions of dollars of its work for the Air Force.

That scandal prompted Congress to scrap a $23.5 billion tanker deal with Boeing. The service is poised to announce a new contract award in the next few months.

My friends, the business of America is bombing the crap out of little brown people all over the world for the benefit of our Defense Contractors, Oil Companies, and their millions of shareholders.

I urge that we appoint a Special Prosecutor to get to the bottom of this plot against the very foundations of our capitalist free market system.

And while we’re at it, about that Vince Foster guy…


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  1. As always, I’ll take my lumps.

  2. that we make every fucking lawyer in America a special prosecutor for about the next ten years til we get to the bottom of ALL this crap!

    • documel on October 16, 2007 at 04:11

    Levin should investigate Bush/Cheney–who knows, might have the same result.

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