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(A little middle of the night sports roundup.

My Mariners are out of it. And Alexander has a broken wrist. Meh.

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So, in the AL, 3 teams have already clinched their playoff spots, with the Angels and Indians already clinching their respective divisions.  The Red Sox also have a ticket to the after-party, though the Yankees are only 1.5 games back.  It is beyond the mechanizations of my helmet-holder to understand why the Yankees haven’t statistically clinched a spot yet….but so say the websites.  It looks like a lock to me.

The NL has a wider range of possibilities and no teams have clinched yet.  Right now the Mets, Cubs, and D-backs are sitting atop their respective divisions, but none are more than 3.5 games up on their nearest rival.  The Mets are the only of these playing today (probably right now, depending on when you read this).  The wildcard race is also tight, and any of the current division leaders could end up in that mix, though it doesn’t seem likely.  It looks like a runoff between San Diego and Philly; San Diego has a half-game lead and a game in hand (which they play tonight).

(edit/update: the mets lost to washington 13-4; San Fran is up 7-4 on San Diego in the 5th)


Week 3, 5 teams still undefeated.  Colts, Cowboys, Packers, Pats, Steelers.  And the Titans and Saints play tonight.  Yeah, like I’m staying awake for THAT game…

I guess I should probably mention that Brett Favre has tied Dan Marino’s all-time touchdown pass record.  420.  Yippee.  I’m not a fan of Favre’s, so someone else will need to talk him up.

This is not a good video, and certainly not his best run of the day, but with all fingers here are crossed for Brian Westbrook, who injured his ribs in yesterday’s game.  (I found it helpful while watching to imagine that the Eagles were wearing the green -n- silver…these throwback uni’s are hideous!!)

My Saturday was completely tied up with my daughter’s Cross-Country meet so I have very little idea what the NCAA week was like…care to fill me in??


Oh, and NASCAR hit my radar this weekend, as the unwashed masses descended upon my own humble home state to cheer as cars drove around an oval.  This is believed to be somehow entertaining.  And apparently the winner cheated…

After Edwards won the Dodge Dealers 400, his No. 99 Roush Fenway Ford failed postrace inspection. Officials determined the car’s right rear was too low, and NASCAR chose to take possession of the car and bring it back to its Concord, N.C., facility for further testing.

If NASCAR’s finding sticks, it is likely – based on precedent – that Edwards will keep the victory but be penalized driver points. Team owner Jack Roush also would be docked owner points, and fines also could be assessed. from this Yahoo! News story



The U.S. and Russia will play for the Davis Cup finals in November.  Please don’t ask me to explain the groupings or schedule for the Davis Cup.  Please.  Just look at the pretty pictures….

Andy Roddick…

…and James Blake
of the U.S. Davis Cup team.

Women’s World Cup Soccer

Quarterfinal Results:
Germany 3, North Korea 0
United States 3, England 0
Norway 1, China 0
Brazil 3, Australia 2

So it’s Germany v. Norway on Wednesday,
Brazil v. U.S. on Thursday

Team Norway:

I’ll end my diatribe with a quote from this Yahoo!News story

Frankly, it’s nice to see that the league is cracking down. Rogue cheerleaders have used unsavory methods to decide the outcome of NFL games for too long. Today, at last, the league freed itself from their wicked influence.


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  1. but i think im watching ‘heroes’ instead….

  2. but I just might be a Packer’s fan this year.

    When does basketball season begin? (snark)

  3. Eli Manning’s a great QB!

    • fatdave on September 25, 2007 at 04:11

    Seriously, I watched most of it. USA played a great game and England just were not expecting what they got. Poor result for England in the 20:20 cricket too. Better in the Rugby against Samoa but as World Champions, England will have to keep everybody fit through the rest of the competition, especcially Johnny Wilkinson – the kicker, who has been absoloutely blighted by injury in the 4 years since that sweetest of victories against Australia.

    • 3card on September 25, 2007 at 04:45

    …televised sports this weekend.  Instead I spent a couple of days kicking my dad’s ass around the golf course for his birthday.

    I’m not completely heartless though.  I did pay his greens fees.

  4. not having a TV has finally been a BAD thing. I am VERY curious about the New Niners …didn’t get to see them much last year in HI either.

    And once The Warriors start up…..ugh, I might have to give in.

    Fortunately Brian Sabean is still running the Giants so it was a no brainer that they would suck…again. No loss there.

    Is Barry really FINALLY leaving? I hope Steinbrenner buys him…they deserve each other.

  5. Had a surefire way to sneak into Candlestick, and been a sucker for the warriors since Run TMC.

    Adonal Foyle quotes Socrates and is an Anarcho-syndicalist.

    But they cut him.

    I understand getting ris of J-rich, but I don’t like it. Brandon Wright better kick some ass. They still need one more shooting guard and another big man,(unless one of theri kids develops.) but the Warriors should do some damage again.

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