Help! …..I am holding me down!

(Bwahhahhahhahhah! – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Help, help! I am being repres….I mean….
Help, help I am repressing myself!!!

Now that I am, as Jay Elias points out….The Man…..I feel a real urge to jack myself up against a wall, cuff myself, and give myself a good going over with a night stick!

Plus, I keep inextricably telling myself to get a fucking haircut!

Maybe I should just repress myself until I need glasses?

In any case I am looking forward to the day when I will be the subject of a Farcical Aquatic Ceremony, and my sinecure as Permanent Ruler of The Dharmaniacs is Writ into Holy Law.

Btw….first order of business, you must all grow forelocks AND practice your doffing!


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  1. Next week we start the new program of Kowtowing Calisthenics!

    God forbid you should strain something!

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  2. I think I just banned myse

      • ksh01 on August 23, 2007 at 05:22


      1. yikes!

        1. Imagine my complete obeisance, if you will.

        2. Now there’s a comment I can identfy with.

          I am working on some meta, “So Say We All”, based on what we already agree on.  Later or early, it will be up tomorrow.

    1. we must first find ourselves a Moistened Bint.

      < looking around >

      Any volunteers?

  3. so people will know the quality of dialog they can expect.

    1. It’s good to be King!

  4. well… here i am

  5. I just made a post about keeping the FP all about important meta and welcoming stuff, and here I am  but a short time later overruled!

    I shall grin, I shall bear it.

    Am I not pure???

    But truly who am I to set rules and dictate policy? I am but one voice in this anarchosyndi……whatever the hell this is! But my inner control freak IS being thrown up against a wall and gone over! A true growth experience!

    Thank you ekles!

    One of my pen names has been Tom Otas. That is an acronym of The Omnipotent Master of Time And Space. Under that acronym, the point of my scribblings was that we are ALL Tom Otas’s. And that we are all creating reality every moment of every day, often in direct conflict and flagrant opposition to all the other Tom Otas’s out there!

    And thus I retire to my profile page to insert my first sig line that I used on Dkos a quote from Robert Anton Wilson….which will show up anon!

    1. Someone is ALWAYS looking!

      1. And our onion has more layers than is good for us!

        1. my sense of humor is too dry for some.

          Better get used to it.

        2. But I suppose once company gets here, I’ll have to put some clothes on, right?

          *sigh*  I knew it – this place is just like That Other Place . . .

    • melvin on August 23, 2007 at 06:24

    1. Pfui.

      1. Firefox 1.5.11 on XP SP2.

        • pico on August 23, 2007 at 08:33

        Firefox on a Win XP.  Same story on the vids.

      2. But I’m pretty sure I played one of them before. 

        I’ll check with pacified – the SoapBlox dude.

      3. IE 7.0 on XP SP2.

      4. YouTube was doing some maintenance tonight.

  6. Is anyone else having trouble getting YouTube to play here?  I hit “play” and it immediately jumps to the end and asks if I want to reply.  IE on XP.

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