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Introducing the Native American Community Examiner

I went to the SPIRIT garage sale on this cold, windy day in Oklahoma, and donated a couple things. The garage sale was to raise funds so that SPIRIT can achieve 501c3 status; also, it was so that SPIRIT can afford extra traveling expenses for speaking purposes. Brenda Golden, who ” helped establish SPIRIT, a group that increases education and awareness about Oklahoma Indians,” gave me her permission to quote her entire new article from theNative American Community Examiner. (Also, catch her at Red Town Radio)

One last thing before you read Brenda’s article, “Oklahoma Fairness Bill and tribal sovereignty.” That is, I asked her if she wanted me to inform people that they could volunteer to help with things like paper work for SPIRIT. She said, “I could use all the help I can get.” So feel free to contact her through the site that’s linked to if you’re interested in helping. Now to the issue at hand.

Why is “The ‘fairness’ bill (is) an attempt to turn Oklahoma businesses and citizens against the Tribal Nations?” Read on.