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Pick a Crime, Any Crime!

Ok, so I have been trying to write a mighty essay called something like….Portrait of a Criminal Administration. Something that truly spells out in the most shocking and impact full way possible just exactly how bad/criminal/rogue the Bush Administration was.

Should be pretty easy right?

But I just haven’t had the energy or concentration (going through a little relapse) to do the research and pull it together. Then it finally penetrated my thick head that this would be the perfect collaborative, epic piece….but I had just been asking for help in the wrong way. So…here is a different way!

Pick your favorite Bush crime and write about it. A couple of paragraphs or a full essay or even just a couple of sentences! Especially if you can tackle one of the lesser known crimes….other than the big three, Illegal Invasion of Iraq, Torture, and the Plame treason….but if you have something to say about those, let it out! Reworjing or just re-pub’ing something from your archives is perfectly acceptable, and much appreciated.

If you do want to contribute, just remember to put “Portrait of a Criminal Administration” in the tags. Then we can comb through and assemble something magnificent by editing all of them together or pub’ing them as a series. Either in timeline form, or a greatest hits kind of deal. An epic essay or a series we can put up to coincide/directly follow Holder’s confirmation. (Which looks like Monday, but who knows what those wily Repubs will pull next!)

What do y’all think?