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Campaigning 101- Finding Your Win Number

Welcome to the Dog’s on going series about campaigning from the point of view of the Candidate. If you have been following this series or if you are a candidate or thinking of being one, you might have noticed that we have not talked too much about how you are going to actually win. As everyone knows you need to get more votes than your opponent, but that is not enough to actually design a plan to get those votes. The place that you need to start is the Win Number.  

Campaigning 101 – Finding A Campaign Manager

The Dog has done his level best to try to give aspiring politicians every single chance to be scared off by the enormity of the task they are taking on by throwing their hat into the ring. So far it does not seem to have sunk in nor actually sent anyone screaming for the hills. The Dog is very proud of all of you silly people for being this resolute. That is the good news. Now for the bad news, it is time to get down the real nitty-gritty of this process. This installment of the Campaigning 101 is going to talk about finding a campaign manager.  

Campaigning 101 – Training And Gut Check

If you are a going to be a candidate you have a lot of things to do, but there are even more that are not yours to do at all. That is kind of a cryptic way of saying you have to know your role and stick to it if you are to achieve your goal of being elected so you can make the changes that the people need. How much you need to delegate depends on the size of your race, but make no mistake unless you are running for Dog Catcher of a one dog town, you are going to need other folks to help you.