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Republican Senators: Pretending to be Patriotic only works when WE are the Majority

When the Republicans are NOT in the majority in the Senate, being partisan hack obstructionists that give not one damn about what happens to the American people or the country of America as long as they can point to the Democrats in the majority and say “look, nothing is getting done” is what they are all about.

For the Republicans in the Senate, the entirety of the incredible amount of issues that our country is facing at this time is nothing more than another wonderful invitation to play politics with the country and continue to thumb their collective nose at the middle class and the needs of working families in America.  Considering they were the majority party in power when all, and I mean ALL of the foundation was set for the myriad destructive economical, societal, ecological and constitutional destructive policies that has been visited upon our country and its people were enacted, one might think they would be a bit more interested in assisting cleaning up those messes that we can now SEE with our own eyes and feel with each passing day weighing down on people like a ton of bricks.