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We Must Keep Barack’s Back

Barack Obama’s transition team has announced house meetings for the coming weekend, Dec. 13 & 14, to discuss policies and give our ideas.  This seems important.  This is an opportunity for us.  I urge Dharmaniacs to attend.  In addition to buhdy’s petition, this seems another avenue to try.

The email from David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign and transition team manager, arrived just as I had reached the low point of despair over Barack’s appointments.  How can one be optimistic for a foreign policy team of Robert Gates, James Jones, Hillary Clinton, etc.?

But the announcement of the meetings raised me up and encouraged me once again to make the effort. The meetings are nationwide.  There are at least 100 meetings in the SF Bay Area. I’ve signed up for three, hoping that I might have some influence, open some eyes, perhaps have my opinions changed as well.  It will be a mighty task to keep Barack’s back from the Faustian-Corporate pressures which have ruled the “slumberland of DC” for lo these several decades.

David Plouffe’s announcement follows below the fold: