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Ozymandias is burned on toast

He’s dragging his bony ass back to Crawford

He’s fat and hairy like Peter Lawford

He’s the Least where once he was the Most

Ozymandias is no longer green as grass

Now we’ve discovered we can be Black as a berry

No way can Ozy regain his Cherry

Because Our Boy is a flat out pain in the ass

We’ve suffered Ozy through his sullen spaces

We’ve starved our senses through events we never wished

To experience; poor Laura Oz has missed her menses

Experienced menopause in all those juicy places

Lord Cheney Oz has become meaner than mean

Condi Oz has finished propping up the plaster

God knows poor Condi was never alabaster

At least she was capable of cutting the scene

Powell Oz has pulled the skids out from under

All these Brute Beasts …

    not that they were ever tony

Their mutual Dawn has now come up like thunder

Since Ozzie Powell endorsed Mister Ebony


Ozymandias is  now royally Toasted

But not in France and not in Monteneg’

If we forget how Oz was once Too Big

We can now rejoice how he’s become roasted

Ozymandias has become Yesterday’s News

For those of us who knew he really wasn’t nice

We can all congratulate ourselves


So lock all the doors

    screw in all the screws

Since now Old Ozymandias has turned vanilla

We have to deal with that Turkey-Chopper

    sticking her brute neck out of Wasilla