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Common Sense Health Care; Individualism or the Commonweal


copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert.  BeThink.org

Democrats dance in the streets and declare success.  An ABC News-Washington Post poll released on October 18, 2009, found that only twenty percent of the population defines themselves Republican.  Progressive assert this result will work in the their favor if the public option is to pass.  However, the now ecstatic portion of the electorate discounts the “disconnect” discussed in the aforementioned study and also addressed in a Pew Research Center report published only a week earlier.  The overjoyed overlooked the Independents (42%), the leaner’s, Left and Right (39%), and the less than inspirational number who proclaim themselves proud Democrats (33%).   For these individuals, the topic of health care reform is a complex issue.  Trust in Congress is near nil.  People are engaged in the subject, albeit a bit overwhelmed.  Sixty-six percent (66%) say they do not understand the proposed policies.  Personal matters move most people, more so than Party politics does.  Possibly, that is the problem, or the predicament that precludes authentic medical insurance reform in America.

Mission impossible

We are told again and again that economic solutions dictated by simple common sense are politically impossible:

1. Shifting hundreds of billions of dollars of government expenditure from weapons procurement and warfare to civilian construction is impossible.

2. Creating an efficient single-payer national health care system is impossible.

3. Putting the unemployed to work rebuilding our infrastructure is impossible.

4. Reconstructing America’s intercity rail network is impossible.

5. Investigation and prosecution of rogue corporations is impossible.

Why are all of these things impossible? Because, ever since Ronald Reagan and his allied ideological vandals commenced an all-out assault on government, the American people have been barraged with plutocratic propaganda persuading them that the government that built the atomic bomb, landed men on the moon, established the Internet, and ended racial discrimination is worthless and incompetent.

The dominant political meme in Washington is still “everybody knows that the government can’t run anything properly.” This pernicious myth will drag us down into economic misery so deep that we will eventually be forced to discard it. No combination of individuals or corporations has the power and resources to get us out of the ditch we are in. Only the Federal government can pull us out. But as long as it remains reviled and discredited, we will lie in the ditch.

This is why things will get much worse in America before they get better. It took a huge amount of effort to poison the minds of the citizenry against their own government, and only a massive amount of suffering will bring the political realignment necessary to cleanse this poison. Until our people renew their trust in government, a widespread economic recovery will be an impossible mission.

Saving the World in Ten Easy Steps

1) eliminate fear

2) eliminate greed

3) come to senses

4) form planetary government body based on UN model, preserving all national and cultural identities. 4a) form oversight agency for planetary government 4b) form oversight agency to oversee oversight agency 4c) repeat

5) form Council of Strict But Fair Grandmas to cut through the BS of above agencies 5a) see 4a

6) reallocate all worldwide military resources to producing planetary rescue technologies and development of alternative energy

7) establish world resources council to review, reform and reinvent farming practices and technologies and allocation of food, water rights and technologies and allocation of water

8)employ all planetary citizens (billions) making less than two dollars a day to clean, polish and replant planet

8) crash course teaching program to teach people to be teachers

9) teach people to be doctors, engineers and research scientists

10) rest, knowing that world is saved

Bonus! 11) teach Barack to bowl