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It’s about damn time! Brutal beatdown of Pat Buchanan and GOP, and they still don’t get it

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    How long have you been waiting for this? Well it was worth the wait. For 8+ minutes Unkle Pat is on the ropes, on the defensive, and the tool he is attacked with is the pure, simple, inconvenient truth that the fantasy world of Conservative politics can not co-exist with.

   And now that fantasy world is falling down all around them.

   I could have titled this diary Death by Stupid. It is really getting that bad, and the GOP just doesn’t get it. They have begun to believe their own spin.

   In order to grok fully the utter totality of this beatdown I have broken this video down into it’s Nonsense and Smackdown componenets.

   Go below the fold to see the brutal beating explained.

Yeah, that’s a damned shame, too. I feel really badly for the guy.

Matt Taibbi can be a bit out there, and he’s not really correct about the Commodities Future Modernization Act or how come derivatives are unregulated (partly because they are too new, and partly because of not the Republicans, but Greenspan, who argued that they shouldn’t be and at the time was the great and all-powerful Oz of the economy – btw, Ron Paul and the anti-Federal Reserve extremists are looking a bit better now, ain’t they?), but this exchange is utterly priceless.