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BA strikers: “It is time to stop this rush to the bottom”

BA strikers: “It is time to stop this rush to the bottom”  via World Socialist Web Site.

This will be short. One of the cabin attendants has put the whole situation for all of us in a succinct a manner that everybody can understand. This is not just an issue for the BA strikers, it’s an issue for all workers:

“It is time we stopped this rush to the bottom. It’s a recession, and we are all struggling. I agree with you that worker’s shouldn’t pay for this. It came out in the company report this week that our top seven managers between them got £4 million in share options. Now apparently this strike is all over £10 million. That is rubbish. I think they want to smash the unions and get us all on Easyjet wages, and once that is done to merge with Iberian Airlines.

The sad thing here in the US is that this is true for the right as well. Until they understand that their livelihoods are threatened by the bosses, they will play the patsies for the bosses. The bosses don’t care a whit about the right as workers, only as cannon fodder for union busting. Until there is a concerted effort to make this the overriding point about our economic conditions, the right will never understand.

How to change the bailout meme.

Let’s face it, we’re facing giving the bankster frauds and bosses another trillion (or two or, who knows where it will end). We all know that the Republicans will be happy to give that money to their natural allies, so we have to find a way to stiffen up what spine remains in the Democratic side of the duoparty (those who aren’t members already have shown spine). The question is, how to do this?