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Biden Econ Advisor: “The American Workforce is Too Big To Fail.”

I like this guy.  A lot.  And I like that Biden picked him.  I know Biden voted bad on the bankruptcy bill, but I think that was for his Deleware banks.  That he picked Jerod Bernstein today to be his economic advisor is good news for progressives.

Vice President-elect Joe Biden on Friday named Jared Bernstein as his chief economic policy adviser, a new post created as the nation faces a recession.

Bernstein, a senior economist at the liberal Economic Policy Institute, has been an informal economic adviser to President-elect Barack Obama’s campaign. He also served as deputy chief economist under Labor Secretary Robert Reich during the Clinton administration.


Today, he published an article about job losses.  This is Bernstein:

Our job market is now shedding jobs at a truly alarming rate, a rate measurably worse than past recessions. We face an emergency that certainly equals those in the financial markets in recent months. The American workforce is too big to fail.

No shit.  But it’s good to hear it from those who will be in power.

More on Bernstein and other good signals from Obama today, after the fold.  


Via Merriam-Webster Online:

2 : to cooperate with or willingly assist an enemy of one’s country and especially an occupying force.