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Market Bash: Command Line Economics and the Bastard Administration From Hell

Originally posted on ePluribus Media.

So, how’s your understanding of “geek” nowadays?

If you’ve a vague but functional sense of these terms and commands, you could probably have a lot of geeky fun:

cd us_fin_crisis | chown neotreasury | chmod -777 mrkt.values | finger taxpayers | exit >> /dev/null

If you don’t speak geek, here’s a handy reference guide.1

Systems Administrators, unix and linux gurus and other miscellaneous folks may take issue with my specific formatting and usage, but they’ll get the gist of it quickly.

If those of you tracking the financial markets noticed the rather interesting — and oddly unlucky — combination of the 777 point loss, you’ll begin to see why I made the connection.  Another reason that I found it significant, passing through my old unix Systems Administration days, was the fond and not-so-fleeting memories of knowing — and sometimes being — a bastard systems administrator from hell.2