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Pirate Jenny and the Single Malt Revolution

A ditty has occupied my head incessantly, continuously, importantly, for 2 days now, ever since Valtin mentioned something about watching it all come down from the vantage point aboard a boat, with single malt, in his essay, about how we are being force-fed shit, which also mentioned Berthold Brecht.  I’ve not been able to think of hardly anything else, except for Edger and Magic.  Pirate Jenny stomps out of Dreigrossenoper and into my head with the certainty of the stileto-staccato stride of Ahab.  I think it is my salvation.

And for that reason, I must say…follow me below the fold…


Eating Shit

And that’s a pleasant way to describe the bailout in the works by the corrupt politicians of the United States, these narcissistic, craven sellouts, who couldn’t bring themselves to stop their own country from invading another and killing 100,000s and displacing millions more, who couldn’t stop their military interrogators and gestapo-like spies from torturing thousands. These moral zeros are about to send something just under a trillion dollars to the scions of finance capital. These latter have lived high off the hog, raking in millions, and in some cases billions of dollars, off a pyramid credit scheme, leaving us — the suckers — to pay up for a generation or more when their con finally went spectacularly bust, unraveling into a wilderness of economic “instruments” and “derivatives” so convoluted and intertwined that no one could ever untangle it.