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Palin’s Missioning Experience

Palin does not want to be mocked for her claim that she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from Alaska. To buttress her foreign policy resume, Palin explained to Couric that “we have trade missions back and forth” between Russia and Alaska. Some may interpret a governor saying “we” as meaning that Palin, similar to other governors, led trade missions overseas. Well, the “we” means that the State of Alaska has a history of grassroots diplomacy with Russia — only Palin stopped any diplomatic missions when she became Governor. The record also reflects that Palin has not traveled to Russia or even met any foreign heads of state until the other day. And, the “back and forth” must be related to some country other than Russia, which is not in the top 20 of trade partners with Alaska. To buttress her missioning claim, Palin then delivers the next mocking point, citing Putin’s need to fly over Alaska to reach DC as part of her national security credentials! OMG, people living near international airports start sending out your resumes for VP because I’m sure some foreign head of state flew over your head!