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How Long Are We Going To Last?

The White House has an incredible list of incompetent advisors, cabinet members and agency heads. Most are either close family members, family friends or people who worked closely in the Trump organization. Some others are business associates, as well as, supporters and donors from the campaign. It is frightening to realize how unqualified most of …

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National Socialism: the worst of both worlds

Just when you thought things could not get worse, we face the specter of the rise of National Socialism in the United States. Because moneyed interests now control the US government, they intend to use the US Treasury as an insurance fund for their financial losses. This will be done to “protect” taxpayers, but it is basically the last stage of the looting of the American economy.

We now face the worst of both ugly worlds: the greed of a rapacious plutocracy coupled with the inefficiency and unaccountability of faceless government bureacracy. Politicians and propagandists will be quick to explain why the princes of commerce need to continue to be paid their astronomical salaries, while the taxpayers make good their losses.

This ridiculous denoument to our decaying society will end when foreign lenders effectively take control of our economy and restore rationality to our business affairs. What a sad end to a once great nation.