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Casting the Beauty Platform for Resiliant Suburbia

Move toward a Resiliant Suburbia?

moving solid line | stable divided line | moving solid line … fire moving to earth

stable divided line | stable divided line | stable divided line … earth

The hexagrams …

36. Wounded Brightness

Wounded brightness.

Beneficial is laborious persistence.

Being weakened. It is good to work diligently on the situation. (The brightness is the light of consciousness, one’s aliveness, one’s energy. It being injured means that one’s aliveness is diminished, one is being weakened.)

2. Land


A foundation for progress.

Beneficial is the persistence of a mare.

The noble one has a goal to move to.

Being confused at first,

later acquiring mastery.

It is beneficial that companionship is gained in the southwest,

companionship is lost in the northeast.

Calm persistence brings good fortune.

There is a new potential, for you to develop. At first you’ll not know your way, but you’ll gain a handle on the situation and eventually master it. Just calmly proceed. It is beneficial to make partners and allies, and not to move on with people who have different interests. (At the original place and time of the Yijing, allies were in the southwest, territory they wanted to conquer was in the northeast.)