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Dear Dick,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written you because — well, let me be honest — you’re really not interested.  In one of my wilder moments, I wondered:  What if I stole some stationery from Peter Peterson’s office, or faked his stationery.  Perhaps that would get Dick’s attention though no doubt they speak on the ‘phone often enough and do not bother with letters.

At any rate – you have been been at it again – the entitlement blitz.  Recently on Fox, you said:

…because Social Security is going to run out of money in 20 years.  I want to fix it now before we reach that cliff.  Medicare may run out of money in ten years.  Let’s fix it now.  And that means addressing the skyrocketing costs of healthcare.  That’s what Obamacare is focused on.  If we don’t focus on healthcare and dealing with entitlements the baby boom generation is going to blow our future.  

Oh my –

This is a lie, Dick and you know it.  Though very clever indeed you somehow putting Obamacare in the white hat and the entitlement progams in the dastardly black hats.  But we’re on to you buddy and your cohorts in DC – you guys need to get real jobs.  

Namby pamby NIMBY? Vincent Van Gogh was short!

For centuries Americans stood tall in the world.  Literally.  It would appear that the Dutch are now taller than us.  The average Dutch man is 6’1″, whereas his American counterpart is 5’9″, only one inch taller than the average Dutch woman.  Jiminy crickets: In one century they’ve had to redesign their ceilings and doorways and put extensions on the their beds!  They’re better looking and smarter!  Tall dudes make more money!  And get better chicks.  They are now using their advantage in stature to question our manliness.  Because of the situation down at Guantanamo–the fact that we’re piss-scared of giving due process to the detainees in American courts– the towering Dutch are calling us “pussies.”

If you live outside of the US, or the US centric bubble, then the incredible stupidity of the this viewpoint is obvious.

Where does the World Court reside? It resides in the Hague in the Netherlands. the Netherlands has a population of 16 million (that are not allowed to bear arms or such).

The world courts deals with the worst of the worst, anything in Gitmo pails to what these folks have done.

Let’s take those war criminals (of which dozens have been tried and sentenced) from the Balkan conflict as an example. Here is a group that still has lots of support (Serbs primarily) all across Europe. They are in cells in the Hague which is driving distance from their homeland. Not like some poor Afghan farmer totally divorced from his people, these people have strong support living with a few hours drive!! Almost nothing could stop them from attacking and trying to release there leaders (and heros), or at least taking revenge on the country they are incarcerated in. The REAL danger to this court pails to anything the perceived Gitmo people could possibly do.

Just look at the history of the Balkan conflict, its horrible geenocide and the people who did the killing, and then grab a map to see where the two countries lie, you will get the picture. Then do the same for the Afghan conflict … Kinda makes you giggle.

But, do you hear the good people of the Netherlands on the streets demanding these criminals leave or cowering under their beds at night? No, it just might be that not all folks in the globe are NIMBY and some have the balls to realize that freedom comes at a price, and you never know when you will have to pay up in full.

Could it be that a small country in “old” Europe has more balls than the gun toting folk wingnuts of the US have?


Obama’s capitulation statement

We must give Obama credit for brazenly stating that the Federal Government cannot manage the banking system and must, instead, be managed by the banks. Here are his own words from a speech delivered today:

we believe that preemptive government takeovers are likely to end up costing taxpayers even more in the end, and because it is more likely to undermine than to create confidence. Governments should practice the same principle as doctors: first do no harm. So rest assured – we will do whatever is necessary to get credit flowing again, but we will do so in ways that minimize risks to taxpayers and to the broader economy. To that end, in addition to the program to provide capital to the banks, we have launched a plan that will pair government resources with private investment in order to clear away the old loans and securities – the so-called toxic assets – that are also preventing our banks from lending money.

Geithner and Summers told Obama that the fraudsters and grifters running the banks inspire “confidence” in the markets, and that nationalizing these institutions and firing their managers would create “risks to taxpayers.” Got that? Keeping the managers who wrecked our financial system in power is low-risk!

The Hippocratic oath reference (First do no harm) applies directly to the CEOs of the banks, because Obama is insisting on protecting their jobs and bonuses. It certainly does not apply to ordinary American citizens who are being foreclosed, fined, feed, and otherwise squeezed by bankers desperate to avoid collapse of their insolvent institutions.

This is the unadulterated bull$hit that passes for economic policy in the Obama administration, a government so completely dominated by Wall Street cronies that it can’t even INVESTIGATE the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Obama’s economic team has persuaded him that his administration can’t run the top five US banks better than the clowns who rendered them insolvent. This is a deliberate decision to reinforce failure, and it stinks of legalized corruption through a network of influence.

Capitulation complete; surrender accomplished. The banks are running America, and Obama is now their top PR man.

Bush-Obama: Separated At Birth?

MISSING IN ACTION! Ram-Obama wants you to you know that Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama Actually Wanted to Join the US Military, But There Wasn’t a War To Fight.  At least, that’s what Barack wanted to do, according to the One. Barack explains that what held back this terrible Dem tiger was an unfortunate lack of blood and gunfire.

“The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in an active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.”

Waaaa…!! Damn that Viet-Nam ceasefire!! The Telegraph notes Barack omitted any previous mention of this deeply-held desire to join the US military. Nothing appears in any interview or publication. Memory loss? Scouring the formative years of his own past, Obama writes nothing about considering a military career, or any form of military service, in either of his two celebrity self-profiles.

Dems savaged Dick Cheney for masquerading as a patriot while doing everything possible to avoid suiting up. And why not? Called to duty five times, college student Dick Cheney received five separate dispensations from Selective Services, thus denying the would-be warrior the chance to guard America’s future.

Grandpa Biden Has His Own Pain to Deal With: Five Deferments. Just like Dick, Biden, the ‘bare-knuckle’ Dem Vice-Presidential candidate was ‘denied’ the right to serve five times. The silver-maned patriot waged a different kind of war, waddling through mountains of Congressional pork, waging war on drugs, and shrieking about morality.

George W. Bush stands head and shoulders above this crowd. It’s that bad. What with Barack’s crap about the ‘route-march’ not traveled and Biden-Cheney’s identical five deferments, Dubya, who actually made it into a recruiting center and into uniform, is positively heroic.

Barack, Bush both claim to have considered’ going to Viet Nam. Barack-Dubya both use exactly the same excuse to to ‘explain’ why staying home seemed a wiser path. With Viet Nam ending, Barack-Bush would have no chance of shedding blood for country.

Damn! Now it all makes sense. Obama wanted to wear the uniform! It’s so easy to picture Rambo-Obama on the roof-top of the US Embassy protecting the last helicopter out. True! Pesky peace kept the youthful patriot from achieving his high-school dream of serving Uncle Sam. If only Nixon had kept the war going until Obama had a chance to suit up! Totally believable. The One simply forgot to tell anyone of his secret ambition to head into combat!

Dubya-Barack are as patriotic as every other American. Both served in elite Ivy League schools, ‘toughing it out’ on term papers and all-night cram sessions before going on to pursue individual national political ambitions.

And the Dubya-Obama similarities don’t end there. Obama now claims the Bush tax-breaks for the rich are necessary.