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Kavanaugh’s #MeToo Moment

With all the news about Hurricane Florence and Trunp’s campaign manager flipping and taking a plea deal (I’ll get to that), this report about Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy has been flying under the radar. It appears the Senate Republicans may be on the verge of appointing a sexual …

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Palin Pays Off Sexual Harasser

Like a ripple in a pond, the troopergate scandal gave birth to the sexual harassment scandal, which is more of a blip on the megamedia radar screen.  Troopergate focuses on whether Palin fired a state commissioner for not firing a state trooper, who just happened to be divorcing her sister. Within days of firing the state commissioner, Palin replaced him with a fellow fundie who had been officially reprimanded for sexual harassment a few years earlier when he was a city police chief. While the national media went on vacation, Alaska media wanted to know why she appointed a known sexual harasser. A local “media firestorm” culminated in his resignation two weeks later — and a $10,000 exit “bonus.”  The local media coverage also revealed how Palin was a quick study of the Bush/Cheney school of executive spin and illustrated how Palin is the right-wing’s new “feminist” darling by gender only.