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Casting the Beauty Platform for a Multi-Polar Peace

A world of one dominant power is an imperial world … to maintain its dominance that one dominant power must interfere with the affairs of those outside the boundaries of the metropole. It is an intrinsically imperial project, whether proudly so or, as in our case, it is an imperial project that must be pursued while paying lip service to self-determination and democratic expression.

A world of one dominance power is a world, therefore, of war.

But a multi-polar world is not necessarily a world of peace. It can be, under a balance of power, but there is no necessity that it shall be.

So today, it is casting the Beauty Platform for a Multi-Polar world at Peace. A lot of weight for one shiny and three tarnished copper coins to carry … I hope they do not get deformed under the stress, like the pennies that “those mischievous kids” used to put on the railroad tracks.