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Obama calls for US military mobilization

Original article, by Patrick Martin and subheaded National service forum at Columbia University, via World Socialist Web Site:

In remarks that clearly pointed toward the restoration of the military draft under an Obama administration, the Democratic candidate said Thursday night that his job as president would include demanding that the American people recognize an “obligation” for military service. “If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some,” Senator Barack Obama declared.

Western leaders panic at their plight in Afghanistan

Original article, by Simon Assaf, via www.socialistworker.org.uk:

The occupation of Afghanistan has entered a new and deeper crisis. A rising number of sophisticated attacks on foreign troops, combined with a growing rebellion in Pakistan and Russia’s crushing of Nato ally Georgia, have raised the prospect that the occupation is heading for defeat.

Things sound like they’re going swimmingly in Afghanistan, don’t they?