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Wikileaks Source Arrested in Iraq, Hacker Snitched

A wikileaks source has been arrested in Iraq.

I would urge you to read the entire story link at Wired.com, because with anything military related, there is their version, and the spin, what really happened,  and the truth usually gets lost somewhere.  The suspect, Spc Bradley Manning, was arrested 12 days ago May 26, but it’s been kept under wraps.

In addition to the video “Collateral Murder,”  which was released world wide in April, showing the murder of the Reuters journalist and photographer, and the wounding of children in a nearby vehicle,  by American helicopter attack in Iraq in 2007, which was diaried here,


More about the life and deaths of Reuters’ Namir Noor Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh and their surviving families, here,


The wikileaks homepage is here:  http://wikileaks.org/

This 22 year old Army intelligence Spc also allegedly got ahold of 260,000 classified US diplomatic cables.  Which he boasted about to an “ex”  (ex? once a, always a ….. )  hacker named Adrian Lamo.

“Everywhere there’s a U.S. post, there’s a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed,” Manning wrote. “It’s open diplomacy. World-wide anarchy in CSV format. It’s Climategate with a global scope, and breathtaking depth. It’s beautiful, and horrifying.”


Wikileaks: Reuters and kids as Collateral Damage

The man, dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, strides confidently down the middle of the suburban street, his camera bag slung over one shoulder, his co worker following behind, with other men in summer clothing ambling down the road.  He pauses to speak into his cell phone.

In the distance, helicopters hover.

Nearly 3 years later, what happened to him and companion as they walked to their next Reuters assignment is known.

(warning, graphic video below, noise and images, please do not view if you are prone to PTSD.)

A written commentary on this story may be seen here at Democratic Underground:


The Columbia Journalism Review wrote about the release of the video by Wikileaks at the National Press Club here:  http://www.cjr.org/the_kicker/…

the video is online here http://collateralmurder.com/

An epluribusmedia writeup by Michael Collins is here:


In Iraq and Afghanistan, by this year, there have been 4705 American and Coalition forces killed in Iraq, and 1713 killed in Afghanistan, with the majority coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  There have also been at least 462 private contractors killed  http://icasualties.org/Iraq/Co…

At least 139 journalists have been killed in Iraq between the years 2003 and 2009.  Of those, 7 were embedded with the military, and 132 were non embedded, or “unilateral.”   An astounding 117 of those 139 were Iraqis, with the rest being European or from other Arab nations, with just 2 being from the United States.


Horse Puckey.

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According to Reuters, the wealthy are starting to feel the sting of what they’ve done to the American and global economies.


Wealthy Americans like Morrison and Goldberg were relatively insulated from the global financial crisis until just a few months ago. Now, falling stock markets are slashing their investments, and some are even starting to panic.

“I’m a little angry that I didn’t trust my own gut, my own instinct to stay on the sidelines and wait,” said Goldberg, 57, an executive coach who lives in Washington. “I’m angry at myself.”

Of course, reaction to the financial crisis differs from person to person and even from husband to wife.

“My husband’s approach has been ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to sell, we’re mature people and there goes our retirement’,” said Morrison, 59. Morrison, who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, and runs a PR firm, has about $2 million in investable assets.

Why, they’re even having second thoughts about buying those extra yachts and private jets!


GENEVA (Reuters) – The financial crisis is forcing the wealthy to rethink splurges like fancy cars and yachts, private bankers say, threatening to crimp the free-wheeling luxury goods spending bonanza of previous years.

Luxury brands had signaled they were weathering the global financial crisis better than others, with many saying they expected emerging markets in Asia and China to offset flat or declining sales elsewhere.

But investors have been looking for signs the credit crunch and dismal economic outlook are biting into purchases of luxury goods, and bankers to the wealthy say even the super-rich have begun to rein in spending as they fret over their shrinking portfolios.

It’s even gotten so commodities are going out of fashion!  See?


GENEVA (Reuters) – Dabbling in commodities markets has fallen out of favor with the wealthy who are abandoning the sector in droves as energy and metal prices slide, private bankers say.

Commodity prices, which have surged for most of the past six years, have imploded over the last three months. Estimates by Citigroup and Barclays Capital put third-quarter losses in the asset class at between $50 billion and $60 billion.

“Commodities were in fashion at the beginning of the year and clients reduced their exposure mid-year,” said Bruno Lebre, head of investment at SG Private Banking, adding he had been advising clients to limit energy and metals exposure in their portfolios.

Rich people everywhere are starting to get skittish, and are now starting to heed the old adage, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”


GENEVA (Reuters) – The world’s wealthiest are opening multiple accounts to help spread risk through the global financial crisis, their bankers say.

“Clients who had accounts with three institutions now have six accounts. Clients who had six accounts now have 12 accounts,” Gerard Aquilina, vice chairman of Barclays Wealth (BARC.L: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz), told the Reuters Wealth Management Summit in Geneva.

Aquilina said he even had one client with 21 accounts with 50 million British pounds ($88 million) in each of them.

You know the Second Great Depression is having a huge impact when even the ridiculously wealthy get nervous.  We’re supposed to take notice of this, because it’s not as though anyone else has been adversely affected by the financial meltdown, right?

Fuck Mugabe (and fuck the AP too)

There isn’t much to say about the horrors taking place in Zimbabwe right now.  But while we cannot do anything, really, to prevent the disaster that is being visited on the people of Zimbabwe (although I must say I love the idea of demanding that the 2010 World Cup be withdrawn from South Africa), we can at least recognize what is taking place right now.

Via Reuters:

The poll has been widely condemned and a security committee of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) called for the vote to be postponed, saying Mugabe’s re-election as the only candidate could lack legitimacy.

Zimbabweans had hoped the run-off would help end a severe economic crisis marked by acute shortages of foreign currency, food, an 80 percent unemployment rate and the world’s highest inflation rate, estimated to be two million percent.

A loaf of bread now costs 6 billion Zimbabwe dollars, or 150 times more than at the time of the first round of elections.

Mugabe, 84, planning to extend his 28-year-old uninterrupted rule, remained defiant and even ridiculed African leaders who said he should delay the election.

“Even today they are saying do away with the election, what stupidity is that,” Mugabe said at his last campaign rally on Thursday, where he urged people to vote in large numbers.

Mugabe has barred observers from Western countries critical of his government and all but refused entry to hundreds of foreign journalists who were keen to cover the election.

A grouping of local observers has said its members were harassed and intimidated by government supporters and that they would not observe Friday’s vote.

Emphasis added.  Let’s all at least bear witness.