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New Freudian Stage Discovered – Old Fart!

A team of scientists and researchers announced a breakthrough in Freudian Theory today.  The team included the esteemed Dr. Numbnutz from Psychedelic State and Dr. Bob (at least that’s what his personalized license plate read) from somewhere in Upstate NY.  By holding up Freud’s personal notebooks to a light they were able to see inverted writing on the back of his notes regarding the Anal Stage of psychological development.

“Basically it boils down to this,” said Numbnutz,”once a caucasian male reaches the age of 65 he enters a stage called ‘Old Fart’.  It is in this stage that the said male will remain for the duration of his life.”

When asked to describe what this stage is like, Numbnutz replied “Like being so far up your own ass you can see what you had for yesterday’s breakfast.”  As examples he listed the following prime “Old Farts”: Jack Cafferty, John McCain + Dick Cheney

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