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Meet the Governor of the 51st State, my Nephew Nick Messenger

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Lots of good news from Ohio lately.  Several polls now show Obama in the lead.  I think this is largely attributable to the “Youth Vote”.  Obama has gotten those pesky kids interested in politics and I’m very proud to say that my nephew (actually grand-nephew) is one.

Every year since 1936, 1,400 Ohio High School Seniors travel to Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio to participate in Buckeye Boys State, a nine-day hands-on experience in the operation of the democratic form of government, the organization of political parties, and the relationship of one to the other in shaping Ohio government.

For the first time ever, Bowling Green can officially claim one of its own as Governor of Buckeye Boys State.

Nicholas Messenger, a rising senior at Bowling Green High School and a representative of the Federalist party for BBS, is set to be inaugurated at this evening’s ceremony at Anderson Arena.