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Iowa is Saved! Bush and McCain Both Visit on Thursday (Updated)

Hooray for us Iowans!  Our long regional nightmare is over!

President Bush visited Cedar Rapids and Iowa City today to personally vanquish the Godless floods that have caused so much damage over the last two weeks.  And John McCain visited Columbus Junction, IA, to vanquish things a few miles downstream from the President.  They shrewdly made separate trips so as to maximize the disruption to local recovery efforts.

(the President recoils in horror as he encounters an average Iowan)

Devastating Floods Continue Across Iowa

I had a chance to take a few pictures of the flooding in Iowa this weekend.  In much of the state you are bound to run across a scene like the following picture.  This is the Iowa River near Amana, IA, about 20 miles upstream from Iowa City: