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Pony Party: Lazy Afternoon Edition

I am having a deliberately unproductive day.

Tomorrow I hit the local “Viking Cooking School” for a one day course in French cuisine. I am going to bring the camera and try and get a few shots. I took a course a year or two ago and the kitchen was to die for. We used all commercial grade equipment and it does make a huge difference in time and efficiency. If I won the lottery it would be an awesome treat to do one of those expensive and totally unnecessary kitchen make overs.

I took a few goofy pictures this week. A pair of barn swallows nested in a corner at the front of the house.

This was the nest when it was about half completed. They like to use mud as their base material and stuff twigs, grass, dog hair and whatever in between. Barn swallows are not very keen about human paparazzi. But this week the babies started zipping out of the nest. They like to perch near it. I imagine their wings aren’t quite strong enough for long flights yet.


Look at this one peering out of the top….


Out of the nest….




I think it would be fair to say they were “not that into me”…..