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Test Drive: Firefox BETA 3

So far so good except that FF3 does not yet support the Proxy AddOn Gladder that I use for The Great Fire wall. So, I have to run a separate Firefox 2 browser for that which requires jumping thru all kinds of fiery hoops since FF only allows one. (It can be done)

The Good News.  It’s way faster.  I went to CNN.com on both and FF3 won by 20 seconds.  (CNN is very slow here)

The Bestest News:  FF3 allows me to use the DKos BB Codes for html formatting

Woo Hoo! Now, I don’t have to write an essay at DKos and then copy and paste it in over here.

Mozilla says you can easily downsize back to the previous version but I found that bookmarks can get lost doing this and other things, so back up your bookmarks before jumping in the pool.