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McCain. Endorse me, please Endorse me! Uh, just kidding. Another take on the issue.

John McCain worked hard for it.  He pursued it, as he felt he needed to pick up the Evangelical vote in the 2008 Presidential Election.  He went out of his way to find some fundamental religious leaders to give him their “blessing.”

McCain was SO elated to have these endorsements when they happened!  Finally, he was being embraced by the group that he had alienated back during his 2000 campaign for President when he said:

…Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and a few Washington leaders of the pro-life movement call me an unacceptable presidential candidate. They distort my pro- life positions and smear the reputations of my supporters.

Why? Because I don’t pander to them, because I don’t ascribe to their failed philosophy that money is our message. I believe in the cause of conservative reform. I believe that because we are right we will prevail in the battle of ideas, unspoiled by the taint of a corrupt campaign finance scheme that works against the very conservative reform of government that is the object of our labors…

 My emphasis

Flip-flop much, John McCain?  

It would seem you were right before you were wrong.  Now that you’ve been called out for being wrong, you are simply pandering, once again.