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“Planetariums and other foolishness” – McCain’s war on science

After 8 years in the United States of the war on science by the Bush administration, things wouldn’t be much better during a McCain presidency. From the Bad Astronomy blog at Discover magazine: John McCain: literally antiscience. “I am not a fan of John McCain… I have had my doubts on his support for science, but my fears have been at least in part confirmed.”

Phil Plait goes on to quote McCain from an AP story, as he changes the subject away from his running mate to Obama:

“That’s nearly a million every day, every working day he’s been in Congress,” McCain said. “And when you look at some of the planetariums and other foolishness that he asked for, he shouldn’t be saying anything about Governor Palin.”

Best anti-Creationist argument ever

If they keep handing out tracts like this, I imagine Creationism will be dead in a matter of months.

There Go the Dinosaurs

Cracked my shit up!