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Transgender Rocker interviews

On the one hand when celebrities come out, it has generally been good for their communities.  But not always.  There are times when we just want to be thought of as regular people…and celebrities are by definition not “regular people”.

In the past year a couple of rock starts have begun very public transitions.  And we find them in the news of the past couple of weeks.

Laura Jane Grace of the band Against Me! has done her first interview since coming out as a transwoman and doing her first performance under her new name.  The interview was conducted by James Montgomery of MTV News (@positivnegativ).

A Life Unburdened

This is me.  If you have a problem with it, then get out of my life.

Pony Party, Morning Metal

Heavy Metal in Baghdad is the title of a movie premiering at the Toronto Film Festival.  The YouTube description as well as the website (linked above) for the film and band describe their struggle to survive as a heavy metal band, having suffered from an oppressive regime, having a glimmer of hope for freedom after Hussein’s fall, and then feeling ‘trapped’ between an occupying army and the ‘terrorists’ (word used by band member in trailer) now.

The band is called Acrassicauda, here they perform: