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Pony Party, Playoff Updates

Docudharma’s picks:

who picked whom? 3card LOTF documel NightOwl fortschreitend UCC 73v
Habs/Flyers Flyers-6 Habs-6 Habs Habs-7 Habs-6 Flyers-6 Flyers-6
Pens/Rangers NY-7 NY-7 NY-6 Pens-5 Pens-6 NY-7 Pens-7
Wings/Avs Wings-6 Wings-5/6 Wings Avs-6 Wings-7 Wings-6 Wings-5
Sharks/Stars Fins-5 Fins-5 Fins Fins-7 Fins-7 Stars-6 Fins-6

and ucc edges me out by picking the correct number of games for the stars/fins series….good job, ucc!!

Conference Championship Matchups:

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh (2) vs. Philadelphia (6) (series begins Friday)

Western Conference

Detroit (1) vs. Dallas (5)  (series begins Thursday)