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Would you like some bug spray with them dumplins’?

A chemical analysis by police of pesticide-tainted gyoza dumplings sold in Chiba and Hyogo prefectures added weight to the speculation that the food was poisoned in China, where it came from, and not in Japan.

On the heels of the nasty gyoza scandal, a deputy commissioner general of the National Police Agency was to visit Chinese public security officials to discuss bilateral cooperation in criminal investigations.

A frozen-food company in Kagawa Prefecture said that pesticide was detected in frozen mackerel imported from China. The fish had been distributed to sushi restaurants throughout Japan.

Obama gets letter from Obama

The Yomiuri Shimbun

FUKUI–The Obama municipal government in Fukui Prefecture has received a letter from U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, the municipal government announced Tuesday.

In the letter, Obama said he appreciated the support he received from the people of Obama and praised the city’s rich culture, deep tradition and natural beauty.

“I am touched by your friendly gesture,” he wrote.

“We share more than a common name; we share a common planet and common responsibilities,” he wrote.

According to the municipal government, the letter, which was typed and dated from Washington D.C., Feb. 21, was sent by airmail to Mayor Toshio Murakami on Monday.

“The letter will help citizens of Obama feel much closer to [Barack] Obama,” Murakami said.

Just More Random Japanese Stuff

A Hokkaido Shimbun reporter who was arrested for molesting a female hotel employee admitted the allegations, saying, “I was drunk and don’t clearly remember what I did, but I’m sure I committed the crime.”

A Kyoto court ordered a 26-year-old man to pay ¥670,000 in damages to a woman he punched in the face after she repeatedly told him to remove his bag from an unoccupied bus seat so an elderly passenger could sit down.

A Nagano-to-Tokyo shinkansen was delayed for 37 minutes after an 80-year-old passenger traveling in the Green Car without a ticket punched a conductor in the jaw.

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