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Republicans in US Senate say SCREW YOU to Americans. Pay discrimination OK.

Or, should I say that Republicans in the US Senate say SCREW YOU to Americans, again (still)?

From AP:

Senate Republicans killed legislation Wednesday aimed at removing limits on how long workers can wait before suing their employers for pay discrimination.

Democrats, speaking to key constituencies of women, minorities and swing voters this election year, said they weren’t finished trying to pass the bill.

I don’t know which sentence above is more depressing.  I do know that the information contained in both is damning for both Republicans and Democrats.  The Republicans for being corporate whores and the Democrats for being election year whores.

Debate on the legislation, which was proposed in response to a Supreme Court decision last year, was steeped in election-year politics and shadowed by a White House veto threat.


The Supreme Court voted 5-4 last May 29 to throw out her complaint, saying she had waited too long to sue. Under the justices’ decision, which they said was based on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, an employee must sue within a 180-day deadline of a decision involving pay if the employee thinks it involved race, sex, religion or national origin.

So, our esteemed Right leaning US Supreme Court decided that if you wait more than 180 days from the time you were discriminated against by an employer, in their estimation the statute of limitations on your complaint has expired.  (If anyone asks you why putting a Democratic Candidate in the White House this election cycle is a MUST, see Appointments – Court, US SUPREME).