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David Petraeus to be sent before US Senate for Central Command confirmation

Being a “YES” man in the Bush Administration, as we all know, certainly can get you some sweet positions in the Government, IF you go along with the lies, deceipt and spin of the Neo-Con elite.

If you manage to really push their unsavory agenda, it can get you the top job, no matter your qualifications (see Gonzales, ALBERTO).

When Admiral James Fallon was asked to be the head of CENTCOM, the Bush Administration put a career Navy man in charge of the entire U.S. Central Command.  When Admiral Fallon was found by the Neo-Con elite to have a mind of his own, he was on the outs with the good-ol-boys club and found the situation so untenable that he resigned in March of this year.

This JUST IN from AP:

Petraeus picked to lead Mideast command

Ray Odierno to replace him as head of U.S.’s military operations in Iraq