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Jocelyn’s House Saved From Mortgage Auction

Now she has the time to Grieve for her Son, Killed in Iraq only a short time ago, Her Reality!!

I was just sent the following:

“The human heart cannot heal itself.”

During the fall of 1996, my wife, Holly, came down with a fever approaching 102.

She was in bed for a few days and when she didn’t seem to be recovering, her mother took her into the emergency room (we hadn’t gotten together yet).

The doctors ran tests, pronounced it a bad flu, and sent her home.

Less than 24 hours later, her mother walked into her living room to find Holly lying on the couch, incoherent and utterly delirious.

Her fever was now over 105.

She had developed scabs on the palms of her hand and the bottoms of her feet.

She was unable to stand, talk or even make eye contact.

And by the time they arrived at the hospital this time, she was in a coma…