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don’t despair


we are here. why? dunno know. yes. i do. it’s about the building and the tearing down and the rebuilding.

then forgetting it all…  to feel it all new again. like we’re here, first, to experience it…

silken threads woven through times of fire and ice floes… slender shiny strong threads

hold onto them

shut your eyes… tell me what you see…  shut your eyes and open your soul


we are here for this. the tough times. it’s when shit happens.

everything. else. is. just. camping_out

waiting for the next upheaval. the next row.

sharpen up. get back to yourself.

primal elemental fundamental original: you

beat the tom toms

hear it because it’s calling you

shut your eyes

hear it

feel it

know it

don’t despair. you’re made for this.

exactly this. we will all be born again.

lost dog edition…

First, i have to tell you that i blame all this on the God thing…