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Worm Ranching!

So I have pasture acres and hay acres that need to have their soils improved.  Turning the soil with amendments over via a harrow device would help in the short term, but turning the soil over can kill beneficial insects and critters and expose the soil to wind and water erosion.  No till drilling will work to place new seed in amongst the existing foliage, but how do I improve the soil without turning it over?

A Berkley graduate came up with the answer, worms.  Of course this answer is what was used by many generations past to turn their undesirable soil into productive farmlands.  In fact New York State’s entire worm population is not indigenous to New York, they were brought here by farmers and fishermen in years past.  Why no worms?  The glaciers forced them out of the area. (for those Creationists reading this: God corralled the worms and sent them to Ireland where St. Patrick thought they were little snakes)