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A must-read article on theWar On Iraq-An Iraqi Perspective

This diary is written in response to Pam In Calif’s comment to my comment to BarbinMD’s front page article, over at the Big Orange, George Bush’s Foundation of Peace.

Raed Jarrar (Iraq Consultant to the American Friends Service Committee. He blogs at Raed in the Middle.) wrote an article today titled “The Iraqi Civil War Bush and the Media Don’t Tell You About” which presents an Iraqi’s perspective on the civil war in Iraq that I have never heard before. Raed is one of the few bloggers that our beloved Riverbend (MIA since 10-22-07-I wish we’d hear from her) links to on her site. (I like that Alternet.org titles their section on Iraq “War on Iraq” as compared to the usual “War in Iraq.”)

For my take on Raed’s article, hop in a barrel and follow me over the f-a-a-a-alls