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Social Justice (don’t shoot the messengers), the grand experiment of Yes We Can

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Social Justice. Some of us were introduced to the idea in church, appropriately because Jesus preached social justice. Altho social justice is an important theme in all major religions, some churches like the Catholic Church have offices of Social Justice. In deed the term was coined by a Jesuit priest in the mid 1800’s, based on the teachings of Thomas Aquinas.  

It got a lot of press both good and bad in the 60’s when Jesuit priests preached social justice and organized the impoverished of South America. Social Justice is the heart of Liberation Theology and Black Liberation Theology.  Follow me below the fold for a little background on social justice, why shooting the messenger is counter productive and oh yes, the grand experiment of YES WE CAN.

It’s Time for US to Clamp Down On The Media

I watched Obama give one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard today. In a week from Hell. When we barely escaped the collapse of Wall Street while still not addressing the needs of Main Street. I watched a man stand tall and draw a line in the sand with diplomatic skills unseen in American politics in my lifetime. I watched a man stand by a friend, while making it absolutely clear that even though ‘context is everything’ some of Wright’s statements were completely unacceptable. I watched a man I want to be my President.